Azerbaijan, war with Armenia

Azerbaijan lost almost 3,000 soldiers in the war with Armenia

The latest data released by the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry puts the death toll to 2,855. Another 50 soldiers remain missing.

The Azerbaijani army lost 2,855 soldiers during the war it fought in late 2020 to liberate the territories occupied by Armenia in the 1990s in Karabakh and several adjacent districts, the Caucasian country’s Defence Ministry confirmed on Monday.

The ministry thus updated the previous figure of 2,841 killed in combat during the conflict in Karabakh that began on September 27 and ended on November 10 with an armistice mediated by Russia that marked the end of the Armenian occupation in the majority of the territories of the self-proclaimed Artsakh Republic. In addition, the Baku government assures that there are still 50 Azerbaijani soldiers reported missing.

Nagorno-Karabakh is a territory that is within Azerbaijan but that was under Armenian occupation since the end in 1994 of the bloody war that faced both countries after the collapse of the USSR, and that also involved the occupation of several districts adjacent nominally under the sovereignty of Baku, and whose release has been demanded by several United Nations resolutions.

The recent war fought in late 2020 between Armenia and Azerbaijan culminated in the death of more than 5,600 people on both sides and with an agreement that represented a de facto capitulation for Armenia – unable to sustain its defence lines in Karabakh – and a complete transformation of the map of the South Caucasus, unleashing violent protests against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, whom the opposition continues to demand his resignation accusing him of being a “traitor”.