Turkey, floods in İzmir

At least two dead from floods in Turkey’s İzmir province

Heavy rains in İzmir over the weekend have caused major flooding in several districts of this province, as well as in Antalya.

At least two people were killed in Turkey’s İzmir province after a vehicle was washed away after several days of heavy rainfall in Turkey’s third most populous province.

Four days of heavy rains have caused the waters of the Aegean Sea to overflow the coast in some areas and flood the streets of the city of İzmir, flooding several districts and causing chaos in the traffic. The damage has been particularly severe in the Karşıyaka district, north of the city, where numerous vehicles were submerged in the coastal Mavişehir neighbourhood.

Although many victims were avoided thanks to the curfew in force in Turkey due to the coronavirus pandemic, the water reached a considerable height in several areas of Karşıyaka. Fire trucks ran through the streets of the district at dawn sounding their sirens to wake up the neighbours so that they would save their cars from being submerged under water.

The floods also caused the collapse of a retaining wall in an apartment complex in the Buca district, south of the city, damaging about twenty cars. Menderes, a municipality located on the outskirts of the city of İzmir, was another area severely affected by the floods: here, five people travelling in a vehicle were washed away on Sunday by rising waters.

Major floods also in Antalya

The driver and two passengers managed to get out on time, but two other people were reported missing. Finally, the rescue teams this morning located the vehicle 800 meters away; the lifeless body of one of the occupants was located this morning 3 kilometres from the scene, while the other missing was 4 kilometres away. The governor of İzmir has denounced that the occupants of the vehicle had violated the curfew.

In addition to İzmir, the floods have also affected this weekend the Turkish province of Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast; although no casualties have been reported here so far, water has caused significant damage to farmlands, especially in the Serik district.