Turkey, fake alcohol

At least 6 deaths due to consuming fake alcohol

In recent years, dozens of people have died in Turkey from consuming fake alcohol: cheaper, but toxic and deadly.

At least 6 people are dead after consuming fake alcohol in recent days in Turkey, after three other people died in the last hours in the province of Kahramanmaraş, in the south of the country: a worrying phenomenon that is sadly repeated every year, especially in winter and as New Year celebrations approach.

The three who died in Kahramanmaraş, aged between 55 and 71, were among the seven people who remained hospitalised in the province after having ingested illegal alcohol; it is also feared that the death toll could rise, since three of those admitted to the hospital are in intensive care, while Turkish police investigates what happened.

Two other people – two friends aged 55 and 66 – were found dead on Monday morning in Yalova province, south of Istanbul, after drinking together the day before alcoholic beverages that they themselves distilled at home. Likewise, in the Manavgat district of the province of Antalya, on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, a person was admitted to hospital for drinking adulterated alcohol: here, police arrested two suspects who had sold the drink to the victim, who remains admitted in the ICU, and agents found up to 12 litres of manipulated alcohol in a raid on the home of one of the detainees.

The sixth victim, found dead last Thursday, is a university student from Turkmenistan but who was studying in Turkey, found dead in the house where he resided after drinking adulterated alcohol, sources related to the investigation confirmed to media.

In recent years, dozens of people have died in Turkey from consuming fake alcohol: a “plague” that has spread due to the proliferation of people who manufacture it at home or in illegal workshops, both for their own consumption or to sell it in the black market, due to the increase in prices of legal alcohol. The problem with this bootleg alcohol is that to make it cheaper, methyl alcohol (methanol) is often used: a toxic substance used as solvent that can cause blindness, liver damage, and death.