Turkey, ships collision in the Mediterranean

At least 4 dead after Greek and a Turkish ship collided in the Mediterranean

A fishing boat that had departured from the coast of Turkey collided with a Greek-flagged tanker, sinking with five crew members on board.

At least four people have died in Mediterranean waters after a Greek tanker and a Turkish fishing boat collided off the coast of Adana province in southern Turkey, Turkish media reported citing local authorities.

The Adana governor’s office has indicated that the lifeless bodies of at least four of the five crew members who were aboard the fishing boat have been recovered by search and rescue teams that went to the scene of the accident, which would have occurred at 5:50 a.m. Turkey time (3:50 CET) about 15 nautical miles off the coast of the Karataş district, south of the city of Adana.

Turkish media pointed out that the Turkish-flagged fishing vessel had departed early Wednesday from the coasts of the neighboring province of Mersin and that for reasons that are still being investigated it collided with the Greek-flagged tanker, which caused the sinking of the fishing ship.

“After the accident, the Turkish ship sank due to air pressure. We have learned that the Greek ship and teams from the Turkish Coast Guard Command were the first to respond (to the fishing vessel’s distress call)”, declared the vice president of the Mersin Fishermen’s Cooperative, Ramazan kaya, expressing his regret at the loss of human life.