Istanbul, traffic jam

An inhabitant of Istanbul loses 6 days a month in traffic jams

The study warns that traffic in Istanbul causes “dramatic damages.” Average speed in rush hour drops to 18 km/h.

An inhabitant of Istanbul, the most populous city in Turkey and one of the largest in Europe with 16 million residents, loses 70 minutes every day in traffic jams, or what is the same: wastes about 6 days a month of time because of traffic jams.

This is what reveals a recent study published by academics from Istanbul’s Yeditepe University, which analysed traffic data in the city for a year on 5,000 kilometres of urban roads in the Turkish metropolis; the conclusion is clear: those who use private vehicles to commute every day lose 70 minutes a day in rush hour traffic, when travelling a distance that would normally take 15 minutes can take up to 50 minutes.

The report also details that during 2019 the average speed of those who circulated by car through the main arteries of Istanbul was only 29.3 kilometres per hour, descending to 24.2 kilometres per hour during the mornings of working days, and even no more than 18.8 kilometres per hour during the afternoons, coinciding with traffic jams at the end of the working day.

“The loss of time and the damage caused by the traffic density have reached terrifying levels. Residents who use their private cars for their daily commutes to work in Istanbul sacrifice practically 6 days a month (of their lives) in traffic jams,” commented one of the study’s authors, Serkan Gürsoy, who stressed that the loss of time caused by traffic in the city is causing “dramatic damages.”