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Amazon Prime arrives in Turkey

Amazon, which arrived 2 years ago in the Turkish market, announced the start of its Prime service in Turkey.

Amazon, which began its journey in the Turkish market 2 years ago, has announced the arrival in Turkey of Amazon Prime, a format for subscribers in which they enjoy advantages and the Prime Video streaming platform, already present in around twenty countries.

As the company announced in a statement, the subscription to Amazon Prime in Turkey combines the advantages of purchases and shipments with streaming services such as Prime Video, offering customers the possibility of receiving orders in a single day in some provinces of Turkey like Istanbul.

Amazon Prime subscribers will also enjoy special discounts on Prime Video – Amazon’s streaming service for series and movies – and on Prime Gaming. Currently Amazon Prime – which also eliminates shipping costs on many orders – is present in 19 countries and has 150 million subscribers around the world.

As in other countries, Turkish Amazon users who want to subscribe to Amazon Prime will be able to enjoy a free 30-day trial period, and then continue to enjoy its benefits at a cost of only 7.9 liras – 0.9 euros – per month.

Richard Marriott, head of Amazon for Turkey, explained his satisfaction with the arrival of Amazon Prime in Turkey, also at reasonable subscription prices for users. For now, single-day order shipments will be available to Prime service subscribers in the Turkish provinces of Istanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli, Marriott explained.