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After more than 2 months, Turkey resumes international flights

First planes to Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands left Thursday from both Istanbul airports. The resumption of flights abroad will be gradual until August.

Turkey resumed international flights on June 11 for the first time in two and a half months after the stoppage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and after the first flights to domestic destinations were launched on June 1.

However, the process of resuming air connections with destinations abroad will be gradual both by number of flights and by country. Thus, the first international flights began in the early hours of June 11 with charter connections between Istanbul and Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The first Turkish Airlines plane departed at 8:20 am on Thursday morning from Istanbul Airport bound for Dusseldorf, Germany; later other flights followed to London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

Only passengers who meet the criteria can fly

As part of the preventive measures to avoid new infections, only passengers who meet the criteria set by the authorities of both countries -Turkey and the destination country- will be able to fly on these first charter flights abroad. In addition, the entrance to the airport is strictly limited, and the temperature is taken to those who access the facilities, who must carry a ticket in order to do so.

Also at the Asian airport in Istanbul, Sabiha Gökçen, flights to international destinations were resumed with the same rules, including the use of masks, temperature taking and maintaining social distance; access to facilities for those not wearing a mask is prohibited.

In this case, it was a flight by the Turkish Airlines subsidiary company, Anadolu Jet, that first departed for a destination outside Turkey on June 11, departing at 8:40 for London. It was followed by other flights to Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

In addition, Anadolu Jet has also started flights to other German cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. The government’s plans in Turkey now include that by August international flights with most of the world’s countries will have resumed.