Afghanistan, football player died after falling from a plane

Afghan national team player, killed after falling from an US plane in Kabul

Zaki Anwari, a 19-year-old player from the Afghanistan national soccer team, died after falling from a US plane taking off from Kabul.

Zaki Anwari, a player for the Afghan national team, was one of the people who died after falling from a USAF plane that took off from Kabul on Monday, when hundreds of people invaded the runways of Hamid Karzai airport desperately trying to get on one of the planes to flee from Afghanistan.

The news was confirmed on Thursday by the Afghan news agency Ariana, citing sources from the country’s General Directorate for Physical Education and Sports, explaining that the player, only 19 years old and a member of the Afghanistan U-20 national football team, was one of the people who got on the landing gear of a United States Air Force Boeing C-17, from which after taking off two people were seen falling into the void from tens of meters.

Hundreds of people packed into the Kabul International Airport on Sunday and Monday, the only way out after the Taliban seized control of the entire country and the capital in just 11 days, following the withdrawal of US troops and before the passivity of the soulless army of Afghanistan, whose until now president, Ashraf Ghani, fled the country the same day of the taking of Kabul, apparently to Abu Dhabi and – according to the latest information – with 169 million dollars in cash.

Since then, chaos has gripped the Afghan capital and especially the airport, where on Monday the images of chaos and despair of many Afghans to get on a plane were in media headlines all over the world. At least 5 people were killed, although it is unknown whether from shots by American soldiers trying to disperse the crowd when trying to get on one of the planes evacuating Westerners, or crushed in a stampede.

His story tells of the despair of Afghans, left to their own

Since then, the number of civilians at the airport has been reduced because the Taliban themselves prevent access to the facilities of many Afghans, who had paid more than 2,000 euros for a ticket to leave the country at the weekend, and who saw how their flights were cancelled so that US planes could use the runways to evacuate their troops and civilian personnel.

On Tuesday the situation at Kabul airport appeared to have stabilised, as several countries continued with flights to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan, while the situation in the capital was tense. However, the story of Zaki Anwari, the Afghan national team player who died after falling from a US plane, is a reflection of the despair that many Afghans feel for being left to their fate by the West after the arrival of the new Taliban government.