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9 years after the last race in Istanbul, F1 returns to Turkey

After almost a decade away, Istanbul Park is once again included in the F1 calendar. The Turkish GP will be raced on November 15.

F1 will return to the Istanbul circuit almost a decade after the last race at Istanbul Park, after the Formula 1 calendar was confirmed this Tuesday, in which the Turkish Grand Prix appears as one of the last 4 races of the 17 that will be played in 2020.

The inclusion of Istanbul in the F1 calendar, which was not planned before the pandemic, was officially confirmed with a message on social media in which it was announced that “The Istanbul Grand Prix is ​​back“. Istanbul Park was part of the F1 calendar between 2005 and 2011, but after difficult negotiations it was finally left out due to low attendance of public, partly due to high prices.

The departure of Istanbul Park from the Formula 1 calendar saddened many pilots; not surprisingly, the Istanbul circuit was one of their favourites due to its spectacular layout, with several complicated curves and perfect sections for exciting races.

In recent days, however, there were persistent rumours in the Turkish media about the existence of negotiations between the organisers of F1 and Intercity, the operator of Istanbul Park. The Turkish edition of even published that the agreement was closed and that the return of Formula 1 to Turkey would be officially announced this Tuesday, which finally happened.

Turkish GP will be raced on November 15

In a statement, Intercity explained that negotiations to put the Turkish GP back on the F1 calendar had started in 2017, although it did not want to go into details about the agreement due to the confidentiality clauses of the contract. With Istanbul, there are already 5 circuits included this year in the F1 World Title that were not planned before the coronavirus pandemic.

The Turkish GP will be raced in Istanbul on November 15, 15 days after Ímola, and will be followed by the Bahrain GP on November 29, Sakhir on December 6, and Abu Dhabi on December 13 to close the present F1 season.