Turkey, bus accident in Hakkari

6 killed after bus fell off a cliff in Turkey

The vehicle, which was heading to a picnic area and carrying several officials and teachers, ran out of brakes and rolled off a cliff.

Six people died on Monday in Hakkari province, located in the extreme southeast of Turkey and bordering Iraq, after a bus went off the road and fell off a cliff, Turkish media reported.

The vehicle, a minibus, was transporting several civilians including officials and educational personnel, and was reportedly heading to a recreation area located on Mount Cilo-Sat in the Yüksekova border district for a picnic day coinciding with the last day of the celebration of the Feast of Sacrifice.

Although its causes are still being investigated, the first indications suggest that the accident could have been caused by a failure in the vehicle’s brakes, which caused it to go off the road and fall rolling down the hill, leaving the bus completely damaged.

6 of the bus occupants –all of them young– were killed and one more was seriously injured. Several ambulances travelled to the accident site, located 3,200 meters above sea level, while a military helicopter participated in the evacuation of the injured person to the Hakkari central hospital, where the bodies of the deceased were transferred to undergo an autopsy.