Turkey, Aylan Kurdi drowned in a beach

5 years since the death of Syrian refugee boy Aylan Kurdi

Aylan and 3 members of his family died in 2015. The image of the little child on a Turkish beach became an icon of the tragedy of refugees.

September 2 marked 5 years since the sad image of the small 3-year-old Syrian refugee boy Aylan Kurdi, whose lifeless body after drowning appeared on a beach in Turkey and went around the world, becoming a symbol of the drama of the refugees who perished in their attempt to reach Europe.

During a ceremony in his honor held on Fener Burnu Beach, located next to the resort town of Bodrum and where Aylan’s body was found 5 years ago, Turkish singer Karsu Dönmez expressed her dismay at Aylan’s tragic death. “They fled (Syria) in search of a better life. They fled for their children, not for them,” said Dönmez, who stressed that no one leaves their homeland, home and family without a good reason.

“When I saw that photo (of Aylan on the beach), I couldn’t recover myself for 2 or 3 days,” said the singer, who currently resides in Amsterdam and works there helping other refugee children. “I saw (in Amsterdam) a boy who looked like Aylan. I told him ‘You are very lucky’. Unfortunately, Aylan was not so lucky,” lamented the young woman.

“All children deserve to be lucky. If Aylan lived, perhaps one day she could have become a doctor, and would have saved your life. We not only lost a little Syrian child, we lost a beautiful person in the world,” added the singer, which has also created a school for refugee children in Greece.

Syrian refugee boy Aylan Kurdi was travelling in a boat with 13 other people trying to cross the Aegean when the boat wrecked trying to reach the Greek island of Kos, killing 5 of its occupants, including Kurdi himself and three members of his family. It is estimated that the civil war in Syria has forced more than 5 million Syrians to flee their country; most of them – 3.6 million – continue to live in Turkey, which has become the country with the most refugees in the world.