Turkey, panic after earthquake in Konya

5.1 magnitude earthquake sows panic in central Turkey

The earthquake unleashed fear among the local population, who took to the streets en masse. It is the largest earthquake in the history of the Turkish province of Konya.

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the province of Konya in central Turkey late yesterday, caused panic among the population of the area, although there was no personal injury.

According to data provided by the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency, the earthquake struck at 8:43 p.m. local time (6:43 p.m. CET) with its epicentre in the Meram district, at a depth of only 6.82 kilometres below the surface. land, which significantly increased its intensity, sowing panic among many residents of the province, who left their homes for fear of landslides. Many of them spent the night in the open fearing further aftershocks.

Despite everything, the governor of Konya announced in a statement that there was no information on victims. For his part, the metropolitan mayor of the city of Konya, Uğur Ibrahim Altay, also confirmed through Twitter that there had been no loss of life as a result of the earthquake. “There has been damage to three abandoned buildings… There are no reports of people trapped,” he said.

Altay also asked citizens to avoid panic, saying that surveillance was continuing after the 5.1 magnitude earthquake and that any news would be reported. Although Turkey is an earthquake-prone country, Konya is not a province where earthquakes usually occur; however, experts stress that there are faults that run through this region of central Turkey. Still, seismologists like Professor Fetullah Arıki agree that this is the largest earthquake Konya has suffered in historical records.