Ankara, explosion at missile factory

3 injured in an explosion at Turkish military factory

The explosion, triggered in a fuel tank and whose causes are unknown, caused a powerful shock wave and a huge column of smoke visible from several kilometres.

At least three people were injured on Tuesday outside the Turkish capital Ankara after an explosion occurred in a fuel tank of Turkish defence company Roketsan.

The explosion at the plant in the Elmadağ municipality, dedicated to missile manufacturing, produced a powerful blast wave and a large column of smoke visible several kilometres away. Although there were no fatalities in the accident, the Ankara governor confirmed to the media that three workers had been slightly injured.

For now, the causes of the explosion at the factory are unknown, but are still being investigated. Roketsan is a capital-owned company of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and is one of the major producers of conventional weapons as part of Turkey’s plans to develop its national defence technology, including ATMACA anti-ship missiles or the new generation of laser weapons ALKA.