Azerbaijan, Armenian attack on cemetery

3 civilians killed in Azerbaijan by an Armenian attack on a cemetery

Fighting continues between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the occupied Karabakh enclave.

At least 3 civilians were killed and another 5 injured after an Armenian attack launched from Nagorno-Karabakh territory on a cemetery in the city of Tartar, located in western Azerbaijan about 10 km from the front line, according to information released this Thursday. Several of the injured are in serious condition.

The attacks launched by the Armenian forces occupying the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave have already produced dozens of civilian casualties in attacks against the Azerbaijani cities of Ganja and Tartar, since the worst fighting in recent decades broke out on 27 September around this troubled region, internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan but occupied by Armenia since the 1990s after a bloody war.

On October 10, a theoretical ceasefire agreed between both parties with the mediation of Russia and backed by Turkey came into force, but the clashes resumed a few hours later after Azerbaijan accused the Armenian forces of launching a new attack on Ganja which caused 9 deaths among the civilian population.

Armenia acknowledges that it is losing the war in Karabakh

Yesterday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan acknowledged for the first time that the Armenian forces of the Republic of Artsakh – a puppet state of Armenia without international recognition created in the occupied territories in Karabakh – had suffered serious losses that had forced them to withdraw from their positions, describing the situation as “very serious.”

“We must unite to stop the enemy, and achieve the independence of Karabakh,” said Pashinyan – who in previous days had assured that the withdrawal in the region was due to a “strategy” – in a speech addressed to the nation. The Armenian government has warned in recent weeks that it could formally recognize Artsakh’s independence if Azerbaijan continues the offensive to regain its territory.

The Artsakh Republic authorities themselves have recognized the death of more than 600 of their soldiers since the beginning of the fighting at the end of September, in which the Armenian forces are showing serious deficiencies such as the lack of military preparation or the use of outdated equipment from Soviet times. Yerevan has tried unsuccessfully to involve Russia, with which it has a defence agreement, in the conflict.

This Thursday, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev announced new advances of his troops to the south of Karabakh, where the Azerbaijani army has managed to capture some 250 square kilometres of territory, surpassing the Armenian defence lines. “We have liberated many villages in the Fizuli region from the occupiers. I am sure that very good news will come from the Fizuli region in the near future,” he said.

Addressing the Armenians, the President of Azerbaijan blamed the Armenian government for the disintegration of its army and again called for the complete withdrawal of Armenian forces from the occupied territories in Karabakh to avoid further bloodshed. “We will control all of Nagorno Karabakh if ​​Armenia continues its behaviour,” Aliyev warned.