Turkey, traffic accidents

2,300 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2022

Most traffic accidents are caused by drivers breaking the rules or because of drinking and driving.

About 2,300 people – exactly 2,282 – lost their lives and another 291,151 were injured in a total of 485,048 traffic accidents that occurred in 2022 across Turkey, according to the latest data released by the Turkish Police Traffic Directorate.

Of the more than 485,000 accidents that occurred last year, 203,923 were caused by the driver, while 22,195 were the fault of the pedestrian, 901 were due to road circumstances, and 2,750 were attributed to the passenger. 5,691 accidents occurred due to the driver not stopping at a red light, while 1,801 fatality accidents occurred due to the driver consuming alcohol.

Another 882 accidents were caused by driving too fast. In total, some 214,000 drivers were identified and fined last year for drink and drive in Turkey. In addition, almost 1.3 million vehicles were withdrawn from circulation for different reasons.

When traffic accidents are analyzed by region, the province with the most fatal accidents in 2022 was Istanbul, with a total of 129 victims killed in accidents; it was followed by İzmir with 110 deaths, while 103 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Ankara over the past year.