Turkey, operation against terrorism

12 suspected members of Daesh detained in Turkey

The suspects, all of Iraqi nationality, were detained during an operation in the city of Samsun, northern Turkey. Turkey has avoided 96 attacks so far this year.

Twelve suspected members of the terrorist group Daesh have been detained by Turkish security forces, security sources from the Eurasian country reported on Wednesday, indicating that the arrests occurred during a series of operations carried out in Samsun province, located on the Black Sea coast.

Special forces assigned to the fight against terrorism as well as members of the intelligence services participated in the operation, which was carried out simultaneously in various parts of the city of Samsun, mainly in the Ilkadım, Atakum and Canik districts, resulting in the arrest of 12 individuals of Iraqi nationality.

Detainees are believed to have been an active part of Daesh when they lived in Iraq. Another suspect of the same nationality could not be captured at the time of the operation and is still being sought by the police, who seized during the operation digital material that would demonstrate the links of the detainees with the extremist organisation.

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognise Daesh as a terrorist group in 2013, and it has also been one of the most targeted countries attacked by this organisation, including a dozen suicide attacks, seven bomb attacks and four armed attacks, which in total have killed 315 people and caused hundreds of injuries in the country.

As reported a few days ago by the Turkish press, Turkey has avoided so far this year 96 attacks and arrested 54 suspects belonging to terrorist groups, including 42 from the PKK / YPG, 10 from Daesh and 2 from far-left armed organisations such as DHKP-C. In 2019, the Turkish security forces avoided a total of 328 attacks: 299 by the PKK / YPG, 18 by Daesh and 11 by far-left terrorist groups.