Turkey, protest against gender-based violence

115 women were killed in Turkey in the first months of the pandemic

A new report reveals that the majority of women killed by gender-based violence are housewives murdered at home by their husbands.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced on Monday, March 8, the creation of a commission in parliament to address the problem of gender-based violence, months after a report from the Turkish Interior Ministry revealed that in 2020 and only during the first Months of the pandemic, 115 women were killed in the country, most of them at home and at the hands of their husbands.

In a speech delivered during a congress of his AKP party, Erdoğan unconditionally condemned violence against women and assured that his party will always defend the rights of women and fight against abusers. Previously in an official message, the Turkish president congratulated “all women, who are the hope of humanity thanks to their love, their effort and their sacrifice, for March 8, International Women’s Day.”

Giving importance to the participation of women in all areas of society, including education, art, economy and politics, the Turkish president also praised the contribution of women to history, calling them an example to follow thanks to to their efforts and achievements. “We will work side by side as one people with women and men, to take our country to a more advanced and developed level,” he concluded.

An official report released at the end of last year – December – and published by the Ministry of the Interior, reveals that just between the months of January and June 2020, during the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, 115 women were murdered in Turkey by gender violence, and that most of them – 66% – were housewives who were murdered at home and by their own husbands.

The study indicates that in the first six months of 2020 – the toughest of the pandemic – 117,000 cases of domestic violence and sexist violence were reported in Turkey; the cases range from injuries inflicted by husbands on their wives, to threats, insults or mistreatment. According to the most recent data released in November, at least 234 women were murdered in the country during the past year.