Turkey, floodings in Kastamonu

17 dead in Turkey after new floods in the Black Sea

Torrential rains caused severe floodings in the Black Sea for the third time in less than a month, collapsing buildings and bridges.

At least 17 people have died from the new and terrible floods that have hit the Black Sea region of Turkey for the third time in less than a month, mainly affecting the provinces of Kastamonu, Sinop and Bartın, after torrential rains that started Tuesday night have caused landslides and rivers overflowing.

Numerous rescue teams, including members from the Turkish Emergency and Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) supported by personnel from the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), were sent to the region to search for possible victims, rescue dozens of people trapped in their cars or their homes, and bring food and water to those affected.

In the Ulus district of Bartın province alone, where a woman remains missing after water collapsed her house, some 300 people had to be evacuated, while in various areas of Kastamonu 210 people had to be evacuated to escape from floods. Several helicopters tried today to evacuate by air survivors who had climbed on the roofs of buildings in districts such as Bozkurt or Abana to escape from rising waters.

Television footage showed a 8-story building by the river in the Bozkurt district partially collapsed due to rising waters, although no casualties have been reported so far. AFAD notes that another 106 people have had to be evacuated by air in several villages near Ayancık, the area most affected by the floods in Sinop province, where the public hospital had to be evacuated.

Several provinces have sent teams and aid to the affected areas

The floods also caused power outages in 271 villages in the three affected provinces, and the collapse of bridges and roads in the region. Several ministers have travelled to the region to assess the damage and continue the rescue efforts, while Turkish president spoke by phone with local authorities, to whom he promised aid.

Rescue efforts have moved across Turkey, where several provinces – including the capital, Ankara – have announced that they will send search and rescue teams, equipment, and humanitarian and medical aid to the region. Meanwhile, authorities are warning residents of the three provinces affected by the floods in the Black Sea to avoid leaving safe areas and using roads, since the risk of landslides and river overflows still persists.