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1.5 million homes were sold in Turkey in 2021

House sales to foreigners grew by 43%, with Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara standing out as places to buy a house in Turkey.

Almost 1.5 million homes were sold in Turkey during the past year 2021, according to data published this month by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), which also confirms a rebound of more than 40% in sales of residential properties to foreigners.

According to the report published by TÜİK, in 2021, 1.49 million homes were sold throughout the country, of which 461,523 were new-build houses, while the rest were second-hand. By location, Istanbul led by a clear difference, since 276,223 residences were sold (18.5% of the total); Ankara followed with 144,104 houses sold, and İzmir with 86,722. However, home sales in Turkey fell by 0.5% when compared to 2020 data.

Sales of houses to foreigners grew by 43.5%

On the other hand, home sales to foreigners increased by 43.5% last year compared to 2020, reaching 58,576 properties sold in 2021. As usual, Istanbul led the ranking of houses sold to foreigners with a total of 26,469, 45% of the total; it was followed by the Mediterranean resort of Antalya with 12,384, and third but far behind by the country’s capital, Ankara, with 3,672.

By nationality, Iranian citizens led the ranking of houses sold in Turkey to foreigners during 2021, with 10,056 houses bought throughout the country; they were followed in this order by Iraqis (8,661), Russians (5,379), Afghans (2,762) and Germans (2,358). During the past month of December alone, 7,841 residential properties were purchased by foreigners in Turkey, an increase of 77.1% compared to December 2020.